Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Seven Baby Steps to Financial Independence:

  1. Save $1000 Fast.
  2. Start the Debt Snowball.
  3. Finish the emergency fund.
  4. Send 15% of your income to retirement.
  5. Save for college.
  6. Pay off your home mortgage.
  7. Build wealth.

We would be more than pleased to coach fellow spenders, savers, and investors through these Baby Steps, regardless of which step you may currently be on. Concepts such as budgeting, the “Debt Snowball, how people differ in their relationships with money, and building a legacy in addition to wealth are ideas that we at Intentional Wealth Advisors share endorse fully. The Seven Baby Steps provide a way of thinking, a mental framework, that makes the process of becoming debt free and building wealth easier to understand and enact in one’s daily life.

8 Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

It can be a challenge to navigate the complex world of financial planning and wealth management. Here are eight good reasons why working with a certified financial planner can help improve your financial future.

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