Our Mission: To Inspire Our Clients to Live with Intention

Integrity and Intelligence with Purpose

Investing with purpose is a tricky thing. Many of us are distracted by the immediate needs of daily life to the extent that it is hard to keep track of our investments on a daily or even weekly basis. It helps to have a friend who knows our financial goals, who can provide good advice and gentle reminders at the right time. It is a bonus if that friend has years of experience and knows how to make sense of fluctuating markets and confusing terminology, then present information in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Such a friend would allow us to take advantage of opportunities and make decisions with more confidence.

We continually strive to be that helpful friend for our clients. The professionals at Intentional Wealth Advisors continually provide our clients with the tools and information needed to accomplish their short- and long-term financial goals. We are here to guide our clients through a complex, sometimes emotional, economic environment, and to inspire them to live with intention.

Intentional Wealth Advisors strives to provide clients with some of the best professional and personal service they have experienced in the financial industry by paying attention to detail and getting to know our clients individually. We firmly believe in understanding and pursuing clients’ long-term financial goals based on their personal financial situation and risk tolerance. We also firmly believe in helping clients stay focused on what matters most, in life and in the market.

Communication is Key

We know that taking care of clients’ expectations and concerns is as much a part of our job as managing their investments.  In response to the 2008-2009 disruption in the market and all the resulting uncertainty, we further increased client communication to help our clients remain focused on what matters.

Reliable Fee-Based Service

It is very important to note that our growth and success are directly tied to our clients’ success. Intentional Wealth Advisors has a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interest. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice tailored to each client’s unique situation. Initial consultations are free of charge, and our practice is predominantly fee-based. We are also judged by how much our clients appreciate our services. So even when the market is fickle, our services remain honest, reliable, and affordable.

8 Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

It can be a challenge to navigate the complex world of financial planning and wealth management. Here are eight good reasons why working with a certified financial planner can help improve your financial future.


LPL Financial Chairman’s Club, 2015
IWA was chosen from the top 2% of LPL’s independent firms, based on the advisor’s annual production.

PEAK Practice of The Year 2009
IWA was selected from 800 membership firms nationwide for “significantly enhanced” client service and “outstanding business growth.”

A Broad Perspective

Our certified financial planner and our associate wealth advisor each have over 25 years’ experience in the financial industry and advise clients on a number of issues including:

  • Funding a comfortable, sustainable retirement
  • Investment vehicles appropriate for a client’s risk tolerance and timeline
  • Tax management
  • Socially responsible investing
  • College funding
  • Retirement plans for clients and their employees
  • Long-term health care for clients or their parents
  • Insurance
  • Major purchases such as homes

We hold ourselves to a high standard.

We are licensed financial advisors and wealth managers who:

  • Listen first to understand your needs and concerns,
  • Seek to empower you to make sound financial decisions, whatever your level of interest,
  • Remain independent and objective, able to recommend solutions best suited to your risk tolerance and time horizon,
  • Help you coordinate all the moving parts of a financial picture – tax planning, investing, estate planning, insurance, maybe business continuity, and charitable giving to name a few – all while staying focused on what truly matters in life, and finally,
  • Have the experience, support staff, and resources to answer your questions personally and quickly (all the more impressive if the firm was recognized as having exceptional client service).