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“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

– Leo Buscaglia


For years our firm has been on the lookout for a source of new and timely information that would benefit our clients, content we judge our clients would find helpful and relevant as they work toward their financial goals. Our search is ended, and we are excited to share with you a new feature on our website. It provides an impressive collection of articles, calculators, videos, and presentations pertaining to Retirement, Estate Planning, Investments, Insurance, Lifestyle, and more.

This material is well written, informative, interesting, and relevant. You’ll want to visit often since it’s also updated frequently. Set a goal for yourself to read one article or watch one video per week. What a great way to educate yourself and build awareness of all the components of your financial picture…at your convenience, your pace, in the comfort of your home.


LPL Financial

LPL Financial is our custodian, and the largest independent brokerage firm in the country.  This link will help you get to know LPL and what they are all about.  Surprised that you don’t know who LPL is?  We consider this a good thing since LPL never got into the business of making the front page of the business section during the 2008 financial crisis because they stuck to the “boring” business of safeguarding their clients’ assets.

The Wall Street Journal

The best gathering of all things financial available today.  With interesting stories, timely information, and an easy-to-navigate website, the WSJ is a must for your financial toolbox.

Google Finance

Google Finance has all the markings of a Google site:  clean, simple, and logical.  A good, basic site for tracking the happenings of your stocks.  One of the coolest features of the site is the stock summary page.  Just type in a stock’s ticker, and you get a robust chart of the stock’s performance along with the percentage change in the stock’s price over any given period.


Need more information, and need it almost instantly?  Welcome to Bloomberg.  Lots of research and great commentary make this a staple site for your financial needs.

Pandora Radio

Type in your favorite song or artist and let the Music Genome Project gather a collection of similar songs (based on a list of over 400 attributes listed for each individual piece!) for you to enjoy right at your computer.   The project will scour its vast listing of nearly a century’s worth of music of all styles, both popular and obscure.  Give it a try – it’s free!

Brian’s Blog

Catch up on Brian’s Blog with these recent posts.

Einstein’s Theory of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein famously said that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.  He said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.  He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.”  Who am I to argue with such a smart guy? Einstein...

Vive La Difference

It’s that time of year again when politics play a more prominent role in conversations, and strong lines of division are drawn. (Recently it seems as though it is always that time of year.)  People who ordinarily seem agreeable suddenly are not.  You dread...

90-Day Legacy

Imagine, if you will indulge me, that you have only 90 days with which to live.  You won’t suffer.  You know the day, and you have the next 90 days to spend however you wish. I know that it may be a horribly morbid exercise for you, but I am hopeful that I will make...

Mackinac Island

As a boy growing up in Traverse City, my family would usually venture to the magical island between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan that we affectionately call Mackinac (or Mackinaw if you prefer).  We never stayed overnight on the Island, just day trips. ...

Weekly Market Commentary

Catch up on the Weekly Market Commentary with these recent issues.

November 12, 2108

The Markets How are you feeling about financial markets? Some votes are still being counted but investors appear to be happy with the outcome of mid-term elections. Major U.S. stock indices in the United States moved higher last week, and the American Association of...

November 5, 2018

The Markets Stocks recovered some ground last week and then stumbled over unemployment. Major U.S. stock indices faltered Friday after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on a popular ‘lagging’ economic indicator – unemployment. (Remember, lagging indicators...

October 29, 2018

The Markets Why did the stock market fall when the economy is doing well? The answer is that one reflects the past and the other anticipates the future. Last Friday’s advance estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis showed the U.S. economy grew 3.5 percent during...

October 22, 2018

The Markets The world remains full of opportunities and challenges. Although we’ve seen global markets moving in tandem in recent years, Sara Potter of FactSet pointed out, “…we’re starting to see the end of the synchronized global growth that has prevailed over the...

8 Good Reasons

Here are eight good reasons why working with a certified financial planner can help improve your financial future.

MFS Infosheets

MFS Investments publishes “infosheets” on a range of personal financial issues. We have found them to be uniformly interesting, well written, and worth sharing with our friends and clients.

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