Company History

A Compelling Vision

For 14 years Brian Ursu earned his keep in large financial firms, but over time discerned this was no longer a good fit. His career vision and propensity to serve included developing real relationships with his clients. Impersonal meetings, sales quotas, and career tracks were not in keeping with his true respect for people, his integrity, and his definition of success. Not a risk taker, Brian determined what he needed to support his young family, and before long concluded that the time had come to blaze his own trail in the financial industry.

Now fully confident in his abilities and his purpose, with his wife’s blessing and legal expertise, Brian set to work. In the summer of 2005, having only a rental space, a phone, and a pad of paper on its list of assets, Veritas Investment Management hung its shingle.

Along with a compelling name, Brian chose to partner with LPL Financial, allowing him to focus on client service and research while LPL handled account logistics and provided support. Brian also joined PEAK, a coaching firm for developing successful, independent advisors.

In his first year, Brian and his assistant, Bonnie Barley, worked the business together. Wanting to provide more investment options and ever-better service for his growing list of clients, he added a second assistant and an associate wealth advisor. Brian also committed to additional training, particularly in True Wealth Planning, that he believed his clients would find beneficial in their pursuit of financial security.

“I wanted a name that was ‘bigger’ than my last name. I had finished a men’s study of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Veritas Splendor (The Splendor of Truth) and came to believe there is ‘Absolute Truth’ even with respect to investing.”
Brian Ursu


A New Name

At the 5-year mark, Brian reflected upon all that had transpired and realized that he and his business had both grown to the point where the firm’s original name did not fully reflect his focus and purpose, both in life and in his career.

So after much deliberation, Brian changed the business name to Intentional Wealth Advisors, intent on helping people align their resources with what’s important to them. The goal remains the same: to provide excellent, personalized service and to develop genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are honored to help our clients pursue their own intentional wealth.

More Recently

Our firm has experienced some big changes over the last couple of years – one associate wealth advisor leaving, another taking his place; a more active role from our in-house attorney leading estate planning reviews with clients; an increased awareness and outreach to women investors and clients ready to focus on philanthropy; a move down the hall to bigger office space; an increased social media presence; and most recently the launch of our Intentional Learning Series.

The one thing that has not changed is our mission – to guide our clients through a complex, sometimes emotional economic environment and to inspire them to live with intention.

“While truth and integrity are still central to my practice, I wanted a name that also encompasses my personal and professional focus, goals, and training. I believe life should be lived intentionally, with purpose. I believe, too, that true wealth comes from actively pursuing well-defined goals and aligning your resources with what truly matters to you.”
Brian Ursu


A Commitment to Excellence

Our company has certainly changed over the years. One thing that has remained consistent, however, is our dedication to offering our clients the highest level of service possible. Beyond that, we are committed to continually improve. This commitment can be seen in our award-winning customer service, in our emphasis on conscientiousness and compassion, and in many other facets of our company.

Integrity and Intelligence with Purpose

We purposefully serve our clients and address their personal financial goals by guiding them through a complex and often emotional economic environment using education and an intentional plan that enables them to focus on what they value most. We operate with the utmost care to provide all services with integrity, compassion, and clear and reliable communication.

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