Beth Price

Director of Operations


About Beth

With responsibility for the day-to-day operations, and direct client contact, my job is to help ensure that IWA runs smoothly and that clients have a wonderful operational experience. This means everything from client service to client events, client communications to compliance, and much more.

For someone originally trained as a teacher, it’s an interesting place to land. Prior to joining Intentional Wealth Advisors, I split my time teaching middle school math and being a school principal but found that I was ready to try something new. I heard about an opening at Brian’s office and thought it might be a good fit for the next stage of my life.

What I loved about teaching math was encouraging students to recognize their successes and to see themselves as capable. I enjoy taking something that many people find challenging and making it accessible to them in a language they can understand. I find myself doing the same here with our clients. When clients call with concerns or questions, I like to find solutions, and present them in a way that feels easy. It is a great feeling to find solutions for a client or the office just as it was for my students and team of teachers at school.

Bold and adventurous are words people have used to describe me. I try to deny that I’m competitive, but that, too, applies. I like to accomplish hard things, to learn new things and to push myself. In 2020 I recruited a couple of friends to peak three ‘fourteeners’, mountains above 14,000 ft in elevation, in a week. It was breathtakingly beautiful and tough, and we did it!

I am a map reader and puzzler. I can see the big picture at the same time as I am figuring out the finer details of how to get to the destination. If I think of my life as a whole, I think this theme comes through in everything I do: family, work, volunteering, adventuring. I think the same is true at IWA. I can get involved in the details but also like to help contribute to the culture, build relationships, and set our sights on something bigger.

My husband and I have three grown children, including a set of twins. Outside of work I love spending time with my family and volunteering with Young Life, a Christian youth organization. As a family we love to spend time together adventuring in the outdoors or relaxing at my parents’ cottage. I think what I appreciate most about Beck Bode is this same commitment to family, health, and overall well-being.

-I recently started weightlifting for the first time ever
-I have climbed two 14,000 ft peaks in one day