Beth Price

Operations Associate

Beth Price, Operations Associate, is the newest member of our staff, joining Intentional Wealth Advisors in September 2018. With a background in teaching, school administration, and owning a construction business with her husband Ted, Beth focuses on client services and IWA initiatives designed to enhance our client experience and office productivity.

“I cannot believe I have been given the opportunity to work with such an incredible team of people. I wasn’t necessarily looking to change careers, and yet at the same time wondered what I would do next. I enjoy learning about systems and processes, but also about people and relational skills. I always appreciated the student that had a teachable spirit, and have stressed to my own children the importance of being a lifelong learner. I get to put this into practice once again at IWA. I love adventure and am excited for this new adventure in life. Bonus, I am no longer living my life by a school bell. “

Beth was born and raised in Hudsonville, Michigan. She attended Central Michigan University, earned a teaching degree in K-8 education, and began her career next door in Grandville.  After a few years, Ted’s job called them to Traverse City where they began a family. Beth decided at that time to stay home to raise their three children (who are now all attending college), then returned to the classroom and eventually took up the principal’s chair. Her latest adventure is now in the financial industry with IWA.

When Beth is not at work, you will most likely find her enjoying the outdoors. She loves to bike, ski, backpack, kayak, and paddleboard (just to name a few of her favorite activities), and is typically the one instigating the next adventure. Her motto in life might best come from a Dave Barnes song, Song for My Children:  May your life be long, your friendships deep. May your heart be kind and true. I pray you know the peace of God, and how deeply I care for you.