About Our Practice

Who We Are

Intentional Wealth Advisors are among the finest of Michigan financial advisors. We provide all manner of services to our home state of Michigan and other U.S. states.

Our Commitment

We will operate with the utmost care to provide all services with integrity, compassion, and clear and reliable communication.

Our Mission

We purposefully serve our clients
and address their personal financial goals by guiding them
through a complex and often emotional economic environment
using education and an intentional plan
that enables them to focus on what they value most.

What makes us different from other financial advising firms?

  • Committed advisors who have intelligence, integrity, a true respect for people, and a passion for their vocation
  • Team members who support each other, recognize each other’s strengths, and work together to best serve our clients
  • A commitment to know our clients personally and support them in pursuing their life goals
  • Thoughtful but standardized service so that no client is overlooked
  • Dependable, quality service even when the market is fickle
  • Immediate response to a client’s needs
  • Dependence on word-of-mouth advertising from clients who want their loved ones to be treated as they are – with respect and compassion; no paid advertising, sales pitches, or mass marketing
  • A variety of events for clients only (and their guests) that address their financial needs as well as their personal wellbeing
  • An increase in communication when the market causes concern; small-group luncheons or coffee hours, emailed bulletins, newsletters, white papers, conference calls, and forums
  • A true interest in people who have the same hopes and concerns that we do
  • Weekly staff meetings that begin and end in prayer and an on-going list of clients who ask for our prayers
  • LPL Financial Chairman’s Club since June 2015 (Top 6% of LPL’s ~14,000 advisors nationwide based on annual production)
  • PEAK Practice of The Year 2009 (for “significantly enhanced” client service and “outstanding business growth”)

A Financial Plan Built Just for You

Are you are at the beginning or middle of your career? Are you retired, nearly retired, or far from it? Do you avoid risk, or embrace it? One’s goals and preferences will change as time passes and experiences shift paradigms. That’s why our advisors customize their plans to suit the special combination of factors in your life.

Our Founder and Staff

Brian Ursu, CFP®

Brian Ursu, CFP®

LPL Registered Principal, Wealth Manager

Tammy Stoerkel

Tammy Stoerkel

Wealth Advisor

Benjamin Beck, CFP®

Benjamin Beck, CFP®


Bonnie Barley

Bonnie Barley

Client Services Manager

James Bode

James Bode


Beth Price

Beth Price

Director of Operations

We help clients with things like…

Financial Planning for Every Stage of Life

Personalized Online Tools to Support Your Goals

Investment Vehicles Appropriate for You

Socially Responsible Investing

Funding a College Education

Planning for Big Purchases

Long-term Health Care for You or Your Parents

Funding a Comfortable, Sustainable Retirement

Retirement Plans for Employers and Employees

Video: Regarding Retirement

How does your ideal retirement differ from reality, and what can we do to better align the two?

About Our Clients

We work with retirees, business owners, educators, engineers, doctors, plumbers, landscapers, people in sales and services, and other professionals too numerous to list. The sizes of the accounts vary widely, but in all honesty, everyone asks one (or two…or all three!) of these questions:

  1. Am I on the right track?
  2. Can I retire?
  3. Will I run out of money?

We sincerely think it our mission and an honor to help each of our clients make sound financial decisions, and so we work hard to earn and keep their trust.

While all of our clients have unique personalities, life experiences, educational backgrounds, and interests, they do share a number of traits. Most of our clients:

  • Have retired, are near retiring, or hope to retire someday.
  • Have worked hard for their money and want to make it last while supporting their lifestyle and addressing emergencies as needed…with maybe a little left over for gifting.
  • Need a little assurance from time to time that they’re on the right track.
  • Want someone they can trust to make recommendations.
  • Want an advisor who takes the time to understand their concerns and priorities.
  • Could manage their own money, in many cases, but would rather spend their time and energy on people or passions.
  • Want to have everything in its place for sake of their heirs.
  • Seek our advice before, during, or after a major life event – purchasing a new home, loss of a spouse, retirement, business continuity planning, and estate planning among others.

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Our Location

Intentional Wealth Advisors, LLC
4110 Copper Ridge Dr #235
Traverse City, Michigan 49684-6723

Contact Information

Phone: 231-933-0846
Fax: (231)933-0845