Client Communication

Clear and Reliable

At Intentional Wealth Advisors we take great care in getting to know our clients and the myriad levels of financial interests and understanding they bring to our office.  Some are considerably sophisticated while others simply want our advisors to do what they "think best."  Brian easily adjusts the dialogue to match the client's understanding of financial matters. We also look for ways to increase financial awareness using different forms of communication so that our clients can feel more and more comfortable with the investment decisions they make.  Clients are able to pick and choose what offerings appeal to them.


Our events are meant for clients and their personal guests, not the general public.  There are no product pitches, sales gimmicks or attempts at mass marketing.  Both Brian and Tammy are comfortable in front of an audience, adept at handling questions, and have a knack for making information understandable and meaningful to an audience with varied levels of financial knowledge and interest.

The Mid-Year Review and Outlook is a PowerPoint presentation given by Brian or sometimes a guest speaker. While other firms focus on an end-of-the-year perspective or an outlook for the coming year, Intentional likes to fill the void in between with a combined review and outlook offered every summer. This is an opportunity to look at the financial market activity from the first half of the year and what trends our advisors will be watching over the next six months. The evening is always relaxed but informative.

Our Fall Event is traditionally not related to finances but focuses on some other aspect of wellbeing.  Topics from previous years included how retirement is being redefined, the idea of leaving a legacy (of morals, values, life stories...), how to align your activities with your values, and what we might learn from centenarians in other cultures.


Every week Intentional sends out, via email, the Weekly Market Commentary to clients and others who have expressed an interest in our services.  It includes a summary of the week's market activity and either a perspective from history or some other thought-provoking insight.  We like to add an interesting quote and even an occasional book or movie recommendation.  This is also where our office announces upcoming events or a change in hours of operation (such as for the summer or for our annual staff planning retreat).

Each quarter we also mail a newsletter to our clients (and have extra copies handy for visitors to the office).  One purpose of our Living with Intention newsletter is to support our clients as we all strive to live more and more with purpose - making deliberate choices on how and where to spend our time, talent and treasure.  We are also looking to create community and enable readers to get to know our team better.  We often include favorite recipes, book and movie reviews, and a piece of humor or insight that might get us all thinking.

Additionally Brian, through the course of his daily reading and research, or when the market is being fickle, will sometimes find an article that might be of particular interest or use to our clients.  Our office then sends this information to our clients via email or the postal system.

Communication During a Crisis

When market activity seems to be causing a bit of anxiety, we respond by increasing our communication in an effort to educate our clients, allay their concerns, and help them keep perspective on what really matters.  These efforts may take the form of a Conference Call, a Forum, or a Market Bulletin email and are organized in a timely manner so that we may respond quickly to our clients' needs.