President's Vision

Our firm has experienced some big changes over the last couple of years – one associate wealth advisor leaving, another taking his place; a more active role from our in-house attorney leading estate planning reviews with clients; an increased awareness and outreach to women investors and clients ready to focus on philanthropy; a move down the hall to bigger office space; an increased social media presence; and most recently the launch of our Intentional Learning Series.

The one thing that has not changed is our mission – to guide our clients through a complex, sometimes emotional economic environment and to inspire them to live with intention.

We are excited to share with you our first video, an endeavor to articulate our philosophy and approach to financial advising. We hope you will take just 3 ½ minutes to watch it and possibly suggest our website to people you know who might be looking for the kind of professional, friendly service our clients have come to expect from Intentional Wealth Advisors. It is a comfortable, hassle-free way for you to introduce them to our firm. See for yourself by clicking on the image below. (This will open a new browser window.)

Click on the image itself to hear Brian's vision for his firm and the clients we serve.