Financial Plans

Am I on the right track? Can I retire? Will I outlive my money?

At Intentional Wealth Advisors, we like to ask, “Well, what does your model retirement look like?”

Tell us about that, and then put us to work to address your questions with a customized Wealth Vision Financial Plan. Not perfectly or definitively, but intelligently and with purpose.

A Wealth Vision Financial Plan from Intentional Wealth Advisors is an appropriate option for addressing the what-ifs on your mind when looking at your financial future.

A Financial Plan can:

  1. Provide a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your assets and liabilities,
  2. Incorporate items like your expected Social Security benefits, likely health care costs, tax implications, and retirement age,
  3. Project (with detail but still hypothetically) how all these items might play out over time,
  4. Pit your original, base case results against events like consecutive bear markets, your spouse’s pre-mature death, or selling your business (whatever financial possibilities you want to explore),
  5. Be updated with new information as life marches on (an inheritance or a family trip to Spain, for example), and
  6. Allow you to make adjustments while there’s still time.

We (and the developers of Wealth Vision) are finding that clients really appreciate these Wealth Vision features:

  • The Decision Center: You and your advisor, sitting at the same table, can immediately see the effect on your plan when you ask, “Okay. What if I retire three years earlier?” or “What if I take the lump sum instead of the 5-year income stream?” or “What if I increase my mortgage payment by $200 a month?”
  • Account aggregation: All the elements of your financial picture are on one page – bank accounts, outstanding loans, income streams such as Social Security and a pension, even your insurance policies.
  • Your personal website: At a private and secure location, with links to real-time data, your accounts are updated daily, and your assets tracked against your goals. You can even upload your important documents for digital safe keeping.
  • Remote access on your mobile devices: At any time you can view your financial information and provide an accurate, up-to-date snapshot to other service providers such as your banker or estate lawyer.

While there is a fee for this service (based on how complex your situation), you don’t have to be a client at Intentional Wealth Advisors. (Your investments can be managed elsewhere.) We are just enthused about helping people make educated financial decisions, and this is one powerful tool we can access to your benefit.

When you’re equipped with the information and clarity a good financial plan provides, “Intelligence and integrity with purpose” could be your motto, too.

You should call us today to find out more.