There is something deeply relaxing about laying in a hammock.  In fact, more people around the globe are discovering this ancient tool for relaxation.  I heard recently that hammock sales are some of the briskest ever.  I looked it up for this blog and found a business wire research piece that stated that the expected compound growth rate of hammock sales over the next ten years is anticipated to be over 16%.  If you haven’t already gotten one, you may want to head out to the local outdoor retailer and pick one up, while you still can.

Even though the fastest segment in the market would be the portable nylon hammocks (not pictured), I prefer the old fashion cotton chord hammock with the large wooden spreaders to keep it from cocooning around you.  That is the kind we have.  I love when I have time to relax in our hammock and will typically bring a book with me just in case.  Usually, my eyes become very heavy, and I can only make it a few pages into my book, but I can read anytime…hammocks are for relaxing.

I find that even if you have a lot going on and are having a terribly busy day, a good hammock lay down will erase all the stress and allow you to experience the slight sway and gentle breeze flowing through the chords.  It may take a few minutes, but I can almost guarantee results.  You can feel the stresses of everyday life evaporate into the ether like the morning dew.

Our hammock is under the shade of some mature maples whose only purpose appears to be providing enough cover from the sun to keep me cool even on the hottest days.  If I lay a thin blanket over the cotton chords and put my head on a pillow, I find it exceedingly difficult to keep my eyes open for any length of time.  I can be transported over time and space and imagine I am on some tropical island protected by the shade of palm trees being cooled by the warm ocean breezes.  The only thing missing is the lapping of the waves on the shore and one of those fancy drinks out of a coconut with those ridiculous paper umbrellas.  I somehow struggle through without those two things and melt into the fabric of the hammock for a hazy summer slumber.

This summer I strongly encourage that you make time for some relaxation; ideally, in a hammock.