In our last quarterly newsletter for our clients, the theme was “Healthy Living”, and my contribution was all of the things we can do to help our immune system, in addition to the preventive measures we can take to avoid contracting Covid.  Within 24-48 hours of that newsletter hitting our clients’ mailboxes, I contracted Covid.  This irony of ironies was not lost on me. It was the single first thought I had when I figured out what I had … how embarrassing.

Long story short, this particular strain came in, set up shop in my lungs, made itself comfortable for the long visit and eventually turned into Covid Pneumonia.  I never even knew there was such a thing.  Within in a week, I was down for the count and was completely dependent on others for virtually everything.  This is the point of this blog; not my struggle to return to normal life but how our network of family and friends literally kept me alive with their prayers, support, gifts of meals, and other essentials.

Joan and I are blessed with many close friends and you really never realize how important they are until an experience like we had (Joan contracted it about three days before me).  Our friends were so kind and generous during this time and it was very moving for me.  Every errand run, every meal dropped off, every kind word, thought or prayer helped to sustain me when I could not care for myself. And my amazing staff continued to keep things running smoothly at the office.

One of the side effects of the steroids I was on was a voracious appetite.  I am talking teenage-athlete-type of appetite requiring at least four meals a day.  That is a tall order when you are in quarantine and cannot get to the grocery store.  The next thing you know, a meal shows up on the doorstep. A day later a different one. The next day a pot of chicken soup arrives.  This continues throughout the quarantine period and truly was a life saver.

In addition to the meals, I received medical checkups via texts and phone calls from friends in the medical field.  I felt very cared for and it grounded me as I experienced these new health concerns for the very first time.  They provided a blood oxygen meter to test how much oxygen was getting to my blood. I was given a compressor and medicine for breathing treatments three times a day, and I had my own breathing exercise tube to help restore my lung capacity.

After reflecting on this past month and all the help, love, prayers and support we received I realize that I have never been wealthier in my life.  Monetary wealth is fleeting.  We all witnessed that a year ago when the bottom fell out of the market.  True wealth is everything that you have that money can’t buy and death can’t take away.  There is no market correction to take away true wealth.

I have learned a couple of things in this past month:  1.  My timing can be horrible at times.  2.  I thought I knew just how important relationships are, but it was after so many of them rallied to our assistance that I truly understood just how important they really are.