I am convinced at Intentional Wealth Advisors we have by far the best clients and friends.  How do I know this?  Because I have spoken with so many of them during the market tumult recently.  Almost to a person, they have asked about me and how I am doing. I have received thoughtful emails, cards, and other warm greetings as together we are enduring one of the most significant market declines in recent history.  Unprecedented is an overly used word right now, but it is very fitting.

I have made calls to reassure many of you and my messaging has been the same each time.  Our long-term strategy remains intact, this is an event driven decline, and it will pass. The economy will ramp right back up and bring market values with it.  One day, we will be able to gather in groups of greater than 50 and how much we will all enjoy that. I never realized how important this is until it was taken away.  In fact, we are in the planning stages right now for events to reunite us all and celebrate surviving this isolation.

For many of you, I included in our call that we have gone through several of these before.  For some that includes the financial collapse of 2008-09, for still others the long slow painful decline of 2000-02.  Someday, we will look back at this time in history. I will show you a chart of how steep this decline was and how, over time, it came back… and there was much rejoicing.

This is not my first rodeo.  But at the same time, right about now, I am a little tired of rodeos.  How about a nice Mackinac Island, slow trot?  I would much prefer that to the current wild ride that we are on.  I think we all would.

The primary point of this communication is to tell you how much I appreciate you, your caring attitude, your continued trust and your understanding.  Thank you.

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