How do you see yourself?  Not like in the mirror; I mean your persona.  Who you are.  As much as possible I try to see myself in a positive light, a helper and a person who is empathetic.  Often, I forget who I am and drift through my day unaware of the influence I have on others.  Maybe you are the same.

Recently, we stayed at a Westin property and spent some time in the warmth of South Florida.  The reason I mention the name is due to the fact that this large corporation chooses to make their staff more personable by including their passion on their name badge.  I read every single one of them because I am interested in people and I can ask them about their passion.  Of course, this drives my pre-teen crazy because she is wondering why her dad has to talk to every single person.  Well, the answer to that question is another blog in itself

As breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, on our second day we went down to the dining room for a healthy start.  We were seated by a person whose name I cannot remember, but her passion was smiling.  I immediately thought this was a cop out.  I mean, whose passion is smiling.  Apparently, hers was. Her smile would light up a room and bring joy to any weary traveler.

We were seated and immediately a woman came by the table and said, “Hi, I’m Awesome Linda.  How are you this morning?”  Wait, what?  That’s her name? Indeed, it was.  Of course, her given name is Linda, but the way she saw herself was awesome.  Before you go thinking it was her ego and that she believed she was literally awe worthy, it was her perspective and how she saw things as awesome that made her call herself Awesome Linda (her passion, by the way, is dancing).

I had to ask her about her passion, dancing, and what she meant.  Ballroom?  Ballet?  Swing?  I will quote her, “No babe.  Disco.  That is where it’s at.”  Babe? Disco?  Her spirit was effervescent.  The restaurant was busy, but I asked her to show me a few moves.  She danced away from the table with the steps from some dance over forty years ago with the grace and agility of Donna Summers (I should add that she was no spring chicken, I would say she was early to mid-sixties).  Apparently, Awesome Linda used to be a dance instructor, and although dances and music have come and gone, she had definitely found her groove and was stuck on disco.

The next day, it was just me (I am an early riser) and I asked to be seated in Linda’s section.  She asked about my daughter (by name).  She asked about the book I had been reading the day before and helped prepare my spirit for an awesome day.  She had joy in her heart, a pep in her step, and she inspired me. She told me that attitude was everything, “If you can’t have fun doing what you are doing, then why bother”.  I love this outlook.  I like Linda.  I think she helps those around her want to be better people.

How difficult is this?  Not at all.  When I grow up, I want to be like Awesome Linda.

I would recommend one change to her nametag, though. Dancing may be her interest and what she loves to do, but her passion would better be described as life.  She is good at it.