IWA Clients

We work with retirees, business owners, educators, engineers, doctors, plumbers, landscapers, people in sales and services, and other professionals too numerous to list. The sizes of the accounts vary widely, but in all honesty, everyone asks one (or two…or all three!) of these questions:

  1. Am I on the right track?
  2. Can I retire?
  3. Will I run out of money?

While all of our clients have unique personalities, life experiences, educational backgrounds, and interests, they do share a number of traits. Most of our clients:

  • Have retired, are near retiring, or hope to retire someday.
  • Have worked hard for their money and want to make it last while supporting their lifestyle and addressing emergencies as needed…with maybe a little left over for gifting.
  • Need a little assurance from time to time that they’re on the right track.
  • Want someone they can trust to make recommendations.
  • Want an advisor who takes the time to understand their concerns and priorities.
  • Could manage their own money, in many cases, but would rather spend their time and energy on people or passions.
  • Want to have everything in its place for sake of their heirs.
  • Seek our advice before, during, or after a major life event – purchasing a new home, loss of a spouse, retirement, business continuity planning, and estate planning among others.

We sincerely think it our mission and an honor to help our clients make sound financial decisions and so work hard to earn and keep their trust.